A message from our founder to you


“Fellow professionals in the social sector like you have enabled me and my family to navigate everyday life more carefree. It allowed me to re-enter the workforce because I knew my children were in loving, excellent, and professional care. People like you are the reason I founded Apex Social. At Apex Social, I am personally involved in the program’s processes and work with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure that time in your exchange program becomes a unique experience for all our participants. We personally select and thoroughly vet our host families in the USA and Australia before matching them with our Apex Social Care Professionals like yourself. Become a part of our Apex Social family today and join us in changing the world together.”


Susan Asay is a mother of three children and founded Apex Social after the birth of her first child to provide reliable childcare for families and to give young professionals like you the opportunity to gain international experience while advancing their careers. Susan faced challenges after the birth of her first child that American parents have to deal with on a daily basis: How do I find flexible, high-quality, and trained childcare from the health or social sector to support my children while also offering young social professionals the opportunity for international experience in their chosen field? This question led to the creation of Apex Social in 2008 with our international education program for the USA or Australia, and since then, over 2000 young social professionals have helped us make the world a slightly better place.
Susan's family with an APEX Care Professional