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Our career-focused Apex Social Experiential Learning Program allows graduates from a therapeutic, educational or nursing related field to gain professional experience while exploring the US or Australia without leaving a gap in their resumes.

Since 2008 Apex Social has brought together educators, therapists, and care providers with families who have special care needs and provided personal & career development through a unique, collaborative work experience for Care Professionals.

With Apex Social, they will join an interdisciplinary team of professionals, receive compensation plus meals and lodging, and strive to achieve milestones with their Host Child with support from our Apex Individualized Care Plan.

Our Educational Partners empower their students with this unique opportunity that sets them apart in the workforce.

Your benefits in partnering with us

Transform your student recruitment approach through partnering with us. Give your students the edge they need to shine in a competitive field with unparalleled benefits: immersive, paid interdisciplinary work experiences in the US and Australia.

These hands-on opportunities not only enhance academic growth but also propel students towards future success, providing a solid foundation for their professional endeavors.

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Together, we can make a difference for the next generation of well-rounded individuals in the nursing, educational and therapy field.