Host Families

Who are our families?

Our families look to Apex Social to identify a care professional with the right education, training and experience to help their children thrive. Because 90% of our families have a child with special needs, they benefit from Apex Care Professionals’ specialized training and experience. More than an employee, families desire to create a true partnership with their care professional.

What does this mean for you? Your family will have great confidence in you and your abilities and will count on you to use your professional knowledge and experience in the day-to-day care and education of their children. In return, you’ll be warmly welcomed and treated as a valued member of the family.

All our host families undergo a comprehensive screening process, including reference checks, a complete background check, and a personal interview. It’s our job to ensure that host families are compatible with our program and will offer a positive and safe living and working environment for you.

Care Professional's Experiences

“I am so blessed to have my 10-year old special needs host child in my life. She has the sweetest laugh and she doesn’t care about my bad singing – she just loves to hear me sing all her favorite songs. I am happy about our deep and loving relationship. I have not only gained a lot of professional experiences due to her rare genetic disease and all her therapies, but she has also taught me life lessons. I have never worked so intensively with a child with special needs. Now after 13 months with her, I really want to continue working with children with special needs after my time here.”

Luisa, Pediatric Nurse in Atherton, CA

“I have been with this amazing family for three months now and from the very first day I felt at home and I am sure it is the PERFECT match. If I try to describe them in one word, I would definitely use the word “loving”. They have taught me that family is not just about blood but about love and acceptance. Every single day I can find love and joy just being around them.”

Jule, Occupational Therapist in Mountain View, CA

Why Host Families Employ Apex Social Care Professionals

Experience and Professional Service

Finding a trusted childcare provider is an important process for parents. They appreciate the maturity, experience, and expertise that an Apex care professional offers to their children and the family overall. You’ll use your knowledge and skills to make decisions and independently carry out your responsibilities. You’ll be a trusted resource to the parents as well as to an integrated team of therapists and educators you work with.

Interest in Cultural Exchange

Our host families want to expose their children to people with different backgrounds and experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to share your own unique hobbies and traditions with your family. While respecting your privacy during personal time, families look forward to inviting their care professional to participate in family dinners, outings and vacations. Our Apex care professionals and their families often become friends for life – even returning to visit long after the program has ended.

Expertise in Special Needs

Families value the training and experience that Apex care professionals have with children, especially those with special needs. Children with special needs often require specialized support and regular therapy sessions and benefit from the one-on-one care that they receive. You’ll put your knowledge and training into practice on a personalized basis as well as have the opportunity to join a child’s integrated therapy team and help them hit key milestones.

Continuity of Childcare

Families love the fact that Apex care professionals work with them for a minimum of one year. This gives them peace of mind and continuity of schedules and childcare. As a care professional with Apex, you’ll have the stability of a year long commitment as well as the option to extend your employment.

Peace of Mind

Work schedules for parents don’t always match up with a daycare center’s hours, child’s activities, or doctor or therapist appointments. Parents appreciate that care professionals can work flexible hours, helping them to better manage their family’s schedule and have their children cared for in the comfort of their own homes. Care professionals benefit by having a flexible schedule and a work environment that allows for individualized instruction and care, forming a deep bond with the children in their care.

Are you interested in joining as a care professional?