Life as a Care Professional

What is working with an Apex family like?

At Apex Social, we are passionate about creating long-lasting connections between families and Care Professionals. You’ll find that we ask a lot of questions about your hobbies, lifestyle and preferences so we can support you in finding a compatible family – one that you feel comfortable living and working with and one where you will thrive, professionally and personally. Are you happiest with lots of activity and excitement around you or do you prefer a quiet and serene home? Would you prefer one child or multiple children? Whatever your preferences, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss them with our dedicated Matching Specialist and to interview with several families so you can choose the fit that is right for you.

Once you’re matched with a family, you’ll have the opportunity to use your education and experience to foster your host child’s development. Working in your family’s home will provide you with a dynamic experience as no two days are alike.

A Typical Day as a Care Professional

You will improve professional skills

Your time working with your host family will give you opportunities to broaden your horizon in so many ways! As a Care Professional, you’ll also grow “soft skills” by working with children in a home setting. We have found that many of our care professionals gain skills in:

Multi-tasking – Between juggling therapy sessions, preparing meals, and helping children get ready for school
Organization – By analyzing the child’s schedule and planning out how to best accomplish goals you may set for them
Communication – Through providing feedback to parents on their child’s therapy sessions or calming sibling rivalries

Are you interested in joining as a care professional?