Apex Social Care Professionals at the beach
Who is an Apex Care Professional?expand_more

Our candidates have completed a degree or have training in educational, medical or therapeutic fields. They are trained occupational therapists, physical therapists, ABA therapists, speech therapists, nurses or CNAs, support workers, teachers, special educators, or social workers. They live with an American or Australian family and provide full-time live-in childcare. Our care professionals are highly motivated to apply their skills and training to support the children of their host families in their daily lives, as they recognize the exponential growth in their own professional learning at the same time.

Why do people choose to be a live-in care professional?expand_more

Our previous participants believe their work experience with an Apex family has helped them to grow both professionally and personally. They have gained a greater focus into an area they want to specialize in and have learned additional skills from the child’s team of therapists. Our caregivers enjoyed the opportunity to explore a new city, and have become more mature, confident and independent. Your time spent with Apex will be a valuable experience to help you secure future employment in your chosen field.

What are the requirements to become a professional live-in caregiver?expand_more

In order to participate in our program, you need to enjoy working with children, demonstrate at least 400 hours of childcare experience and have a degree or completed vocational training in an educational, medical or therapeutic field. Candidates are often trained occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, ABA therapists, nurses or CNAs, support workers, teachers, special educators, or social workers.

Is there an age requirement?expand_more

You must be at least 18 years old to apply to become a live-in care professional for placement in the United States. For those interested in working in Australia, the Working Holiday visa requires you be between the ages of 18 - 30 years old (you must be in the country before your 31st birthday).

How much childcare experience do I need to have?expand_more

Apex Social requires a minimum of 400 hours of experience in childcare. Care for children ages 0-18 in home, classroom, therapy or daycare settings can qualify as childcare experience. Care for siblings or other relatives does not qualify.

Can I choose my family?expand_more

Yes! It is important that you and your family make the decision to match together. Once you’ve completed your application, your profile will be available to families, and you will also have access to reviewing profiles of host families. You will be introduced to our Matching Team in the USA or Australia who will personally work with you to introduce you to compatible host families.  You’ll have an opportunity to interview via video with prospective families – a great way to learn about the family’s care needs, lifestyle and personality.

What is the educational component of the program?expand_more

As an Apex care professional, you are gaining an experiential education on a daily basis. During the Apex Academy you will be asked to set personal and professional goals for your year as a care professional based on the position you have accepted and the children you will be working with. We support you gaining additional skills during your time as a live-in care professional and will assist you in adding references to your resume to describe the work you do with Apex.

Apex has partnered with a University that offers nationally ranked online Masters and certificate programs in applied behavior analysis, special education and other education specialties. You will have the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree online over the course of your placement if this is one of your goals! In addition, your host family will contribute a $500 stipend towards continuing education courses you may take online or in the local community.

How much paid vacation do I get?expand_more

Care professionals placed in the United States will receive two weeks of paid vacation during the year.  Australia participants receive four weeks paid vacation during the year.

What is the time commitment?expand_more

We request a one-year commitment. We feel that this amount of time provides for the greatest amount of professional and personal growth for a live-in care professional while providing the stability a child with special needs requires.

Can I extend my employment beyond the minimum commitment?expand_more

In the United States, you may extend your employment beyond the one-year commitment. For Australia, the program is limited to one year due to visa limitations.

Can I get health insurance?expand_more

We offer an optional health insurance add-on for the United States and Australia.