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“We aim to empower you. We share our experiences, as well as those of other social professionals who have already participated in the Apex Social Program. You decide what suits you and where you want to go. We are here to competently support you on your journey.” – Susan Asay, Founder of Apex Social

Our Experiential Learning Program offers you the opportunity to live and work with a US family for 1-2 years, allowing you to gain work experience while exploring the United States and without losing sight of your career at home or having a gap in your resume. During the program, you will work in an interdisciplinary setting with other professionals and receive attractive compensation that enables you to experience American or Australian culture. You return as a worldly, interculturally well-rounded and savvy expert with work experience, just like over 2,000 Care Professionals before you.

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A commitment like this is a significant decision. Discovering the path that aligns best with your personal needs and aspirations would be ideal. You decide which of the following topics you want to explore and discuss with us and which ideas and solutions you may wish to develop: