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Apex Social, the leading organisation specialized in foreign and continuing education programs for social professionals

A cultural exchange program that allows you to work legally in the USA and Australia and gain experience with no gaps in your resume.

Put Your Skills to Work in the USA or Australia

Become a Global Professional

In a globalized society, experience living and working abroad can set you apart from other job candidates. Apex Social offers young professionals with degrees in the social care professions a legal opportunity to gain international work experience in the U.S. or Australia – without a gap in your CV. Our professional program allows you to spend a year or more living with a host family, gaining additional hands-on experience in your field, perfecting your English, and learning about the local culture, people and community where you live.

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More than 100 partner schools and social organizations
  • Kooperationspartner: Döpfer Schulen
  • Erste Europäische Schule für Physiotherapie, Ergotherapie und Logopädie Kreischa
  • Kooperationspartner: Ergotherapieschule Lippoldsberg
  • Kooperationspartner: WBS SCHULEN
  • Kooperationspartner: Heimerer Schulen
  • Kooperationspartner: Katholisches Klinikum Bochum BIGEST
  • Kooperationspartner: Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für soziale Dienste
  • Kooperationspartner: WAD
  • Kooperationspartner: VPT Berufsfachschule Physiotherapie & Massage Bad Birnbach
  • Kooperationspartner: Hepgata Ergotherapieschule Fokus gGmbH
  • Kooperationspartner: DRK Sachsen
  • Kooperationspartner: Berufskolleg St.-Nikolaus-Stift
  • Kooperationspartner: maxQ.
  • Kooperationspartner: Schule für Ergotherapie "Regine Hildebrandt"
  • Kooperationspartner: Bernd-Blindow-Schiulen
  • Kooperationspartner: EUFH med Rostock