Special Moments from a special time abroad – Part VII

Jana Guenter – Pittsburgh, PA

My most special moments during my time here are the ones when I really feel that Hudson, the special needs child I take care of, and I are having a conversation. Hudson has a genetic disorder. Due to that, he is nonverbal and he needs help in every part of his daily life. He loves music and is a very happy boy, with a lot of smiles and laughter. I love the moments when I am talking to him and I can feel and see that he understands me and is responding with noises and gestures. In these moments I don’t think about his disability, but I can feel that he is smart and can understand what I am saying and he is responding in his way.

I have the chance to volunteer at Hudson’s school, so I could meet many kids with special needs. Each of them is so unique and special, they are showing me how strong they are and I’m impressed by what they are able to do. And I learned that the language of love can be understood with or without words.

Michelle Dreier – Los Angeles, CA

The purpose of this program isn’t just to travel and get to know closely American culture, but it is also a great opportunity to gain different experiences for my profession as an Occupational Therapist. I am able to support families with special needs kids which has a great impact on my personal growth in my profession. Besides joining the OT sessions, I can also take part in speech therapy, ABA therapy, and personal workout hours. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques on how to create an OT session, different perspectives on a disability, and consistent communication with the therapists. That helped me a lot to include OT in the daily life of my Host Child. Moreover, I learned American Sign Language!

Laura Schumann – Los Angeles, CA

I just came here 5 weeks ago but my most special and perfect moment was eating Magnolia Bakery cupcakes (the best in the world!!!) at Griffith Observatory with a beautiful view over Los Angeles city lights at night.

So far, I have learned more about the American mentality, especially in Los Angeles, and about a healthy organic lifestyle in my Host Family.

I will try to do an internship at a film set as a custom tailor because my Host Dad is working in the film industry and I am very interested in looking behind the scenes and gaining great work experience for my fashion career.

For volunteering, I have found 3 options:

– A beautiful non-profit organization owned by the dad of an American friend which helps homeless people or
– A dance class for children at the YMCA or 
– Volunteer as security at a Taylor Swift concert xD

Vicky Stöckel – Boston, MA

Most special moments:

Going on a Whalewatch cruise with my Family. Seeing those majestic creatures so close.

Being able to learn the interdisciplinary work at NAPA.

So there you have it, some great stories about Special Moments from a special time abroad from our Care Professionals.

Stay tuned for Greetings from our Care Professionals, where we will share warm messages from them. Enjoy Reading! 

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Special Moments from a special time abroad – Part VII