What is the Apex Individualized Care Plan?

The Apex Individualized Care Plan (AICP) is a comprehensive, personalized child care plan developed by you with support of the Apex Educational & Therapeutic Resources Team. It uses a whole-child approach, factoring in each child’s unique needs, strengths, and existing therapy or school plans. The plan contains goal-oriented strategies derived from evidence-based research to help Care Professionals understand and address each child’s specific needs. This enables high-quality, tailored care and fosters professional growth among Care Professionals. Overall, the AICP serves as an effective tool for enhancing care quality and promoting professional development.

As an Apex Care Professional, you are empowered to create and sustain an individualized care and support plan for your host child(ren). The Apex Individualized Care Plan empowers you to set and track relevant milestones and goals for your host children, allowing you to assess the progress they make under your dedicated care and guidance. Moreover, it provides a platform to document your professional journey and growth, preserving a record of your achievements that can contribute to your interdisciplinary qualification abroad in your chosen profession.

Furthermore, the Apex Individualized Care Plan is a valuable tool that improves the care for children and helps your career grow. When you use this plan, you’re taking a path that makes children’s lives better and enhances your skills and compassion as an Apex Care Professional.

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