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How many years has Apex been in business?expand_more

Since 2008, Apex has provided qualified care professionals with education, therapy and childcare experience with the life-changing opportunity to experience a different part of the world. We’ve partnered with over 400 colleges and universities and placed 1,500 care professionals with 500 families in the US and Australia. Historically we have recruited care professionals from Europe, most often through the US Department of State J-1 visa au pair program. Apex Social is now expanding to welcome American care professionals in our community and gain experience on the program.

The Apex family includes Apex Social, a 501c3 non-profit organisation promoting education, travel and cultural exchange, Apex PROaupair, an international professional au pair agency designated by the US Department of State; ApexPROcare, a domestic professional caregiver agency placing American caregivers with American families, and Apex Professional Exchange in Australia which places caregivers in Australia.

How are your host families screened?expand_more

Our host families undergo a thorough vetting and screening process. Each host family must pass a comprehensive background check and have two excellent references. Host families must also undergo an in-home interview (or Skype home interview when necessary).  Most of our families have been in the Apex family for many years and had excellent reviews by their care professionals.

We ensure that host family expectations meet our program guidelines and that families have the ability to offer a positive and safe living and working environment. They must have a comfortable private bedroom for their care professional and the desire to include her/him as a valued family member. Our families truly value the life-changing experience a care professional brings to their children.

My daughter/son is experiencing a conflict with the host family. What should she/he do?expand_more

We encourage our families and care professionals to openly communicate if problems come up. If they are unable to resolve a problem on their own, our staff is happy to help including scheduling a home visit or Skype call to assist. If a serious problem of incompatibility arises, we will strive to find a more compatible family for the care professional so that he/she can have a successful experience.

How does Apex Social support Care Professionals?expand_more

Apex Social has a team of local Area Directors who live and work in the communities where our host families live. Local Area Directors conduct an arrival orientation to help integrate care professionals into their new community. They offer monthly social activities and are available to assist if problems come up. We also offer monthly coaching sessions to check in and make sure things are going smoothly.

How does Apex Social provide for professional growth and development?expand_more

We encourage our families to create professional growth opportunities for their caregivers. Care professionals get to join a child’s integrated therapy team and learn from established educators, therapists, and medical professionals. With Apex, care professionals have the opportunity to work 1:1 with a child for a minimum of one year, allowing them to use their skills and profession in a personalized setting and experience the satisfaction of seeing first hand how their host child develops.