Congratulations Simone Mayer, 2nd Runner-Up!

Meet Simone Mayer (23), an Occupational Therapist and professional au pair from Germany nominated by the Schultz family of Vienna, Virginia. Caring for 9 year-old Asya who is wheelchair bound, the Schultz family can't believe their luck having this "Saint" living with them.

Simone Mayer, from Kolbermoor in Germany, studied at Berufsfachschule für Ergotherapie,bfz Rosenheim

Giving, loving, gentle, unselfish, organized, talented, hardworking, always on time...we could go on and on describing this beautiful person, who came into our family in August to help with our adopted special needs child.

Simone Mayer arrived in August after many months interviewing with us. You can tell by the first picture of our daughter that this was going to be a match made in heaven. From day 1, after bringing a beautiful memory book for our daughter to put together this year filled with their pictures and fun memories, to her cooking our entire Oktoberfest party, she tirelessly has been on a mission to make hundreds of Christmas cookies to share with us and the many teachers, therapists and other nurses who come to our home each day.

Never once have we heard her complain...oh, just once that we didn’t put the lid on the cookie container tight enough. She continually entertains and works with our wheelchair bound angel creating projects to involve her fine motor control, to exercising her daily so her spastic limbs move better, to singing German folk songs while feeding our daughter, who depends entirely on caregivers to feed her as well as perform all the activities we take for granted with a child who is typical.

Our lives have been blessed having this saint living here and she has totally become one of our family! If it would not cause an international incident, we would think of kidnapping her forever. Asya, our daughter squeals so happily when Simone appears, it makes us thank God Simone chose us as much as we chose her.