If you are a teacher or early childhood educator, you love spending time with children and helping them to grow - facilitating learning, supervising progress, creating age-appropriate and fun activities, a nd providing guidance. As a teacher on the Apex Social program, you’ll have a unique opportunity to use your teaching skills while living with the American or Australian children in your care.

Approximately 70% of our host families have children with special needs (including autism, learning disabilities, genetic or neurological disabilities, and developmental delays), providing you the opportunity to customize educational experiences to customize educational experiences.

Common Care Needs:

  • Providing tutoring and schoolwork support
  • Supporting the children’s learning with at-home learning/activities
  • Helping children to adapt fully to school and social situations
  • Adapting the home environment
  • Improving mobility and function
  • Taking children to special appointments and activities
  • Working with family to achieve developmental milestones and other goals

In addition, you would also be responsible for the following types of care, relevant to children with or without special needs, including:

  • Introducing children to your language and culture
  • Managing children’s busy schedules (play dates, appointments, activities)
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Administering medication
  • Helping with bathing children and bedtime routines
  • Assisting with potty training
  • Introducing age-appropriate activities (art, outdoor play, reading time)
  • Packing school lunches and getting ready for school
  • Managing children’s laundry
  • Driving children to activities and school
  • Going on special outings and activities