Our Australian Host Families love working with US alumni and
offer the chance to work closely with other therapists and health professionals in your time here!

Our Host Families prefer US Alumni because:

  • You have experience as a live in caregiver and have worked with a family in the US improving your therapy knowledge
  • Your English is greatly improved from your time in the US
  • Our Australian Host Families value mature and independent care professionals, and you have further developed these traits in the US program
  • You are motivated by helping your host child achieve their goals and working closely with the extended team of therapists and health professional

By joining an Australian Host Family you will:

  • Be working closely with the child’s team of therapists and specialists
  • Be an integral part of the home therapy program
  • Have the opportunity to share your professional knowledge and experience to suggest therapy programs and ideas to help your host child meet their goals
  • Have the opportunity to learn new skills and therapy techniques
  • Be welcomed as a valued member of the family
  • Plus, you will get to experience the beauty of Australia!

Australia Repeat Program Requirements:

  1. Positive feedback from your host family/regional director on your US program participation (if you have completed our US program)
  2. A special needs qualification e.g Occupational therapist, speech therapist, physical therapist, special needs care provider, nurse OR
  3. Experience working with children/adults with special needs
  4. Desire to work as part of a larger therapy team - providing critical feedback on therapy progress, learn therapy programs, implement therapy in the home setting as part of daily life, work with parents on therapy strategies they can use
  5. Maturity and independence

You want to take the next step? Then why not apply today and secure the US Alumni Repeat discount for the program in Australia!

Step 1 - Registration - 49,90€ Due

  • Matching assistance
  • Matching webinar
  • Online Academy

Step 2 - Match - Balance Due

  • Receive health insurance
  • Pre-departure support

500€ - If you have completed 24 months in the USA SAVE 1.848€!
1.500€ - If you have completed 12 months in the USA SAVE 848€!

When you extend with our Australian program (Apex Professional Exchange) as a care professional, you have the opportunity to work closely with a range of therapy professionals to support your host child and broaden your experience. The majority of families in the Australian program have children with special needs and are looking for a therapy assistant to work with their child to reach their goals.

Prior to starting with one of our amazing Australian families, you will receive a comprehensive care plan that details your host child’s needs and what your responsibilities will be when you are working with them. We work with families to create this and to plan that details how you are going to work with the family and the wider therapy and support team.

Life in Australia

We work with families in many locations across Australia, and have placed care professionals with families all over the country. There are many things to see and do! When you join the Australian program you can connect with our Australian team and current care professionals to learn more about living in Australia and the experiences you can have.

Apex Social Repeat Program

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