Apex Social is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing young educators, therapists and social workers a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. The Apex program combines experiential learning with adventure and cultural exchange. 

With Apex, graduates grow professionally, gain invaluable work experience and combine travel and work in the USA or Australia - all without leaving a gap in their resume. They will make a difference in the life of a child with special needs and will be fully integrated within their host families and the child’s interdisciplinary education or therapy team. This allows them to learn about new education or therapy concepts and methods, which they will be able to utilize in their future careers. 

Over 1,300 social care professionals from Germany & Austria have already been abroad with the support of Apex Social and our partners such as the German Red Cross and many other schools and universities

In order to give young professionals the opportunity to learn about our program, we need your support. I would like to introduce our program to you personally by phone. If this is not possible, I would be happy to send you some  info-material that you can pass on to your students.