One of the most exciting benefits of living and working in another country with Apex Social is the opportunity to enjoy exploring it during your non-working hours and vacation time!

Free Time

As a social care professional, you will work up to 45 hours per week – giving you ample free time to experience local life outside of your host family. On your days or evenings off, you will have the opportunity to meet with friends, explore your city, shop, try new hobbies, hike in a park, or play a sport – whatever interests you!

Your free weekends are ideal for short trips to attractive nearby cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco (depending upon where you are based, for USA participants) or Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth (depending upon where you are based, for Australian participants).

Vacation Time

Your vacation time will allow you to take longer trips and explore different regions of your new home.

Interested in exploring nature? Visit the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Niagara Falls or one of the USA’s other national parks. Love urban environments? Explore the unique and completely different cultures of Las Vegas, Miami, New York, or San Francisco. Enjoy cultural celebrations? Visit Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day or New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Love the outdoors? Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or visit the famous Ayres Rock (also known as Uluru) in the Australian Outback. Prefer city-life? Explore the museums in Sydney, the Queen Victoria Night Market in Melbourne or travel to Perth, one of the most remote cities in the world.

Post-Program Travel Time

For USA participants only, your J-1 visa entitles you to remain in the USA for 30 days after your program end date – allowing you a full month at the end of your program to stay in the USA and travel. Your travel month gives you the opportunity to see more of the USA and learn even more about the USA. Take a train across the country, stopping to visit cities along the way. Rent a car and do an epic road trip along the famous Route 66. Experience the tropical side of the USA with a visit to the Hawaiian island – or catch the Northern lights in far-off Alaska.