The cultural exchange component of Apex Social’s professional care program is central to the experience and provides you with a unique opportunity to experience day-to-day life in another country.

International travel offers a unique opportunity to experience a culture totally different than our own. But, how much can you really learn about a culture on a two-week holiday or by backpacking with other travelers? Apex Social’s program provides you with the opportunity to experience the reality of life in another country – not as a tourist or traveler – but as a temporary resident.

Benefits of Living Abroad

  • Supporting your personal growth
  • Improving your self confidence
  • Helping you to better understand yourself and the world around you
  • Make new international friendships
  • Improve your language skills

In addition, by living with an American or Australian host family, you will experience life as locals do – from holidays and seasonal activities to regional and cultural nuances. Experience the passion Americans have for sports by joining an intramural sports team or going to a Friday night American football game at the local high school. Enjoy a communal “barbie” (barbeque) with your Australian family and their neighbors on a beautiful weekend. Learn about your new home – and share insights about your native country – through interesting conversations with your new circle of family and friends.