Good preparation is one of the keys to a successful program. Apex Social’s pre-departure training programs include childcare-specific online education training and an intensive in-person seminar to help prepare you for living and working abroad.

The Apex Academy

The Apex Academy is a required one-day preparatory seminar that all candidates must attend prior to going to the USA or Australia. Taught by our experienced staff members, the Academy offers useful information and guidance regarding the realities of living and working in the USA or Australia and is a great way to get to know other social care professionals who will soon be going abroad too!

During the full-day seminar you will:

  • Understand how to best prepare for life and work in the USA or Australia
  • Meet and befriend other social care professionals
  • Review program details and what you can expect during your time abroad
  • Learn about cultural differences between the USA and Australia and your home country
  • Have time to ask specific questions

Most seminars are held on a Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 in various cities around Germany and Austria and are facilitated by Apex Social staff members who have direct experience abroad as social care professionals.

There is no additional cost associated with the seminars, except travel costs to reach the venue. In order to sign up and view specific dates and locations, you must have completed your application.

Online Training

Prior to traveling overseas and beginning your program, you must successfully complete the online education program at The American Education Institute. This 38-hour training includes 30 individual course units and is taught in English. It covers important topics relating to Child Safety, Early Childhood Development, Teaching, Communication, and other relevant information. Each of the 30 course units concludes with a test. You can review the course content until you feel comfortable with it – and then complete the unit by taking the test.

We recommend you begin the online training when you begin your application, so you have enough time to improve your English and to complete the course units. The weeks and months prior to your departure date are often quite busy, so you may not have as much time as you think to complete the course. Even if you decide not to go abroad, the Professional Childcare Education Training is an excellent way to enhance your social and professional English skills while you learn about such topics as “Early Childhood Development,” “Safety” or “Communication with Parents.”

The online training fee of 645€ is included in the overall Apex Social program fee, which is not due until you match with a host family. However, if you choose to purchase the training when you begin your application – as many candidates do – then the cost of the online training will be subtracted from your program fee.

Once you have completed The American Education Institute’s online program, you will receive a completion certificate. The training program is a great addition to your professional CV.