Apex Social is here to provide you with personal and professional support. We help you through the entire application process from your first inquiry and throughout your program in the USA or Australia. We’ve successfully matched hundreds of professionals with opportunities in the USA and Australia. Here’s an overview of how it works.
  1. Learn more about the program
    Speak to a knowledgeable Apex Social Program Advisor who will provide you with information about the program, answer all of your questions and learn about your background and experience to see if you quality for the program.

  2. 02_applicationStart your Application
    Our user-friendly online application lets you tell us about your lifestyle, interests, education, professional background and training, childcare experience, as well motivation for wanting to participate in the program. There is no cost to apply and your Apex Social Success Coach is there to answer your questions and support you every step of the way. During the application process, you’ll also gain access to profiles of host families, so you can get a sense of the types of positions available.

  3. Interview with Host Families
    Once you’ve completed your application, your profile will be available online in our matching system for families who are looking to hire. You will meet your matching specialist who will introduce you to compatible host families.  You’ll have an opportunity to view the family’s profile and interview them via phone or video. This is a great way to learn about the family’s care needs, lifestyle and personality.

  4. Match with a Host Family
    Apex Social allows you and your host family to make the decision to match. Once you have decided on an arrival date, Apex Social provide you with all of the details to arrange your arrival to the USA or Australia.

  5. Pay Program Fees
    You do not pay anything until you have matched with a host family. Once you have matched, you’ll be asked to pay the program fee and will also have an opportunity to select the insurance coverage that is right for you. See our program fees.

  6. Attend Apex Academy
    Attend our one-day academy program offered in cities throughout Germany and Austria. Meet other social care professionals and learn more about what it will be like to live and work in the USA or Australia.  This is a great way to prepare for the exciting year (or two) ahead!

  7. 07_onlinetrainingComplete Online Training
    Before arriving in the USA or Australia, you’ll complete a 38-hour comprehensive online education and training program offered by the American Education Institute. This valuable training program will prepare you for your time working abroad and is required before your departure.

  8. Get Ready to Depart
    Apex Social will assist you in obtaining a visa, making your travel arrangements, enrolling you in our third-party medical and liability insurance program, and helping you with other important details prior to your departure. Get ready to have the best year of your life!