Living and working with a host family abroad gives you the unique opportunity to gain valuable career experience in a supportive environment with clearly defined work hours and responsibilities. Many of our host families also have at least one child with special needs, which can include developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, ADD, epilepsy and other impairments that require special support and care.

Our host families rely on their social care professional for extra support and expertise so you should be motivated to incorporate your skills and training into your daily care of your host family’s children. As part of your responsibilities, you may attend therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments and find ways to integrate information you learn into their day-to-day lives.

Your hours and specific duties will depend on your host family but host families are required to respect our guidelines regarding hours and duties. For participants going to the USA, these hours and tasks align with the U.S. Department of State regulations for the J-1 au pair program.

Hours & Duties

  • Work hours may not exceed 45 hours per week, or 10 hours per day
  • Have at least 1.5 days off per week
  • Receive one full weekend off per month (from Friday evening to Monday morning)
  • Have responsibilities only related to childcare and childcare-related tasks
  • Receive two weeks (10 working days) of paid vacation during the first 12 months in the USA, and four weeks (20 working days) in Australia.
  • Have private room and full board
  • Get a weekly stipend payable on the same day each week

You will also be responsible for typical childcare responsibilities – taking children to school, helping with homework, making meals, planning activities, and helping out at bedtime. Light housework related to childcare (such a doing the children’s laundry, tidying the children’s rooms, etc.) will likely also be required but you will not be asked to do non-childcare related activities (e.g., washing windows, yard work, caring for pets, etc.).