When you go to the USA or Australia with Apex Social, you are not alone! You will have the full support of our American or Australia apex staff members. They are there to provide you with a warm welcome, help you get oriented to your new surroundings and provide you and your host family with support during your entire program. Apex Social is unique in that we have office in Germany, the USA and Australia so we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Program Support in Germany


Our Apex Social German team is based in Dresden. They will provide you with support from the moment you begin your application through your pre-departure training and travel logistics (visa, etc.). Most of our German team have all lived or worked abroad – most as social care professionals – and have first hand experience. We also hold regular information sessions in major cities throughout Germany – as well as online webinars that can be accessed regardless of location.  We frequently host alumni events and other opportunities to get together.

Program Support Abroad


While in the USA, you will have a local Area Director who lives within an hour’s drive of your host family’s home and is there to provide you with information, support, and guidance during your time in the USA.

Especially at the beginning, your Area Director will be a good source of help and advice for any questions or concerns that you have – including information about educational programs, local activities and volunteer opportunities.In addition, we offer a 24-hour emergency phone number for both you and your host families, should you require assistance.




Australia is a large country with a relatively small population compared to the USA and our Australian families live widely dispersed throughout the county. Depending upon where you live, you may have a local Area Director.

Otherwise, our Country Director who resides in Sydney will support you. Apex Social provides you with 24/7 support and guidance throughout the program via phone, email and Skype.