Apex Social Program Fee

Apex Social’s low program fee covers all major expenses and guarantees you have the ongoing support and guidance of a team of experts who will ensure a safe adventure abroad. Our social care professional program is the best and easiest way to legally live and work in the USA or Australia. Your application is free and without obligation. Only if you are sure that our program is the right fit for you, our two-step payment process begins.

  • 1st step

    49,90 EUR

    At this point you will receive your personal evaluation of the Color Code and your matching process will start.

  • 2nd step

    + 1.498,00 EUR

    The placement was successful and you have found your host family. We support you with the visa application and provide you with the necessary forms (DS2019) and prepare you for your travel.

  • In total please plan

    1.547,90 EUR 250 EUR
    Early Bird Offer*

    for your program participation in the USA.

For our Australia program the price for the 2nd step is 2.348 EUR and the total cost is 2.397,90 EUR. Further information can be found in our information brochure and can be obtained from our program advisors at any time.

‘money back’ guarentee: Refund of your payments**

To ensure that you will be placed with a host family, we guarantee a full refund of the program fees (excluding the registration fee) if you should not be able to leave with us within 3 months after your earliest desired date of departure and you want to withdraw from the program.

* If you pay both installments in one amount within 14 days of the first payment request, you will receive a discount of 250 Euro.
** The refund does not apply if you withdraw from our program early.

The program includes the following

Application and Placement Support

  • Your Apex Social Success Coach will guide you through our application process
  • Your personal Matching Specialist will support you in finding a compatible host family

Apex Academy Training

  • Full day training at the Apex Academy
  • Comprehensive advice, support and preparation by our team of expert advisors

American Education Institution Online Course

  • Take a 38 hour comprehensive online training course in child development and early childhood education
  • Certificate upon completion of the course medical and accident insurance


Weekly salary (payable in U.S. or Australian dollars)

  • USA monthly salary of $1,200 USD
  • Australian monthly salary of $1,300 AUD

The host family and professional au pair are free to agree to compensation higher than the legally applicable minimum.

Visa Support Services

  • Authorized visa services and required allocation form (DS 2019)
  • SEVIS fee (required to issue a DS-2019 form)


We offer extended health and liability insurance for our program members with excellent insurance cover. This premium comfort package costs € 850 per year, including travel month.

Room & Board

Private room and full board with your host family throughout your stay

In-Country Support

  • 24-hour emergency support in case you need it
  • In the USA, a local Area Director who will provide you with support, monthly contact and regular meetings to make sure you have a great time in the USA
  • In Australia, a regional Area Director who will provide you with support and monthly contacts. Some areas may have a local Area Director in the vicinity.

Certificate of completion

Official certificate offering proof of successful stay abroad as a social care professional

Extension option

USA only: option to extend program for additional 6, 9 or 12 months

Repeat program option

USA only: Return to the USA a professional au pair. Contact us for details about this program.

Additional Fees Not Included

Transparency is important to us! The following costs are not included in Apex Social’s program fee.

  • Travel expenses for full-day Apex Academy training (takes place in various cities in Germany and Austria)
  • Cost to prepare a police clearance certificate
  • Travel expenses to the departure airport
  • Cost of a medical report
  • International driving permit

USA Program

  • Travel expenses for mandatory J-1 visa interview at U.S. Embassy
  • J-1 Visa fee (currently $160 - see also: us-botschaft.de)

Australia Program