There are so many great benefits to being a social care professional in the USA or Australia. Our full-service program allows you to live and work in the USA or Australia, gain personal experience and benefit financially. Unlike typical work and travel programs that require you to pay a program fee, insurance and housing, the Apex Social program offers you a range of benefits with very little upfront cost.

Preise für die USA

USA Program
Earn min.
$14,400 USD a year

min. $277 USD per week

Preis für Australien

Australia Program
Earn min.
$18,200 AUD a year

min. $350 AUD per week

You will receive these financial benefits:

  • Full room and board provided by your host family
  • Medical and liability insurance coverage
  • Paid Vacation (2 weeks in the USA and 4 weeks in Australia)
  • $500 Educational allowance (USA only)
  • Weekly stipend from your host family

Personal Benefits

Not only will you be able to benefit financially during your time abroad, you’ll also:

Gain international experience

Obtain valuable international work experience and put your degree and training to practical use in an English-speaking country without a gap in your CV

Earn money and get free room and board

Since normal living expenses such as rent, utilities, food, Internet, car insurance, etc. are already paid for, you don’t have to worry about covering your day-to-day living expenses and can use the money you earn for for leisure, travel, shopping and personal expenses.

Educate yourself at a local college or university

Continue your education by taking classes at a local college or university, thanks to a $500 education allowance from your host family (USA only)

Learn English fluently

Enhance your English through daily practice with your host family and local community abroad. Learn career-specific vocabulary through your interactions with specialists, teachers and therapists

Meet new friends

You’ll have an opportunity to meet many new people during your time living in the USA or Australia. These friendships will likely last well beyond your time abroad.

Full support during your program

During your program with Apex Social, you will have our full support including 24/7 emergency support.

Enjoy numerous travel and vacation opportunities

Travel and learn about your new “home” country during your free weekends, vacation or during your extra travel month (USA only)