Apex Social’s founder is a German national and mother of two who started Apex Social to help match families needing reliable childcare with young professionals seeking international experience to benefit their careers.

Susan Asay, our founder and CEO, started apex after she had her first child. Originally from Germany, but now a resident of California, Susan learned first hand the challenges that American working parents face looking for quality childcare. At the same time, she wanted to provide young people from Germany the opportunity to gain international experience while working in their chosen field. Learn more about Susan, below:

Dear Candidate,

As a child growing up in East Germany, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to come to the USA Then the wall came down and everything changed. Soon I found myself living and working in California – a wonderful experience that eventually became my permanent home!

In 2005, after the birth of my first child, Klaus, I struggled to find childcare that fit my family’s needs. I knew I needed live-in childcare but was disenchanted with the available nanny and au pair options. After extensive research I decided to start recruiting my own international childcare providers from Germany. Not only were my children safe, loved, and well cared for, my social care professional gave me the peace of mind that allowed me to go back to work without worry. This experience formed my desire to create Apex Social and help other parents who needed reliable childcare from young professionals with specialized training and experience.

At Apex Social, I am personally involved with our program operations and work with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure our program participants have an exceptional experience. We source our host families in the USA and Australia directly and require them to be fully vetted before we place one of our social care professionals in their home.

Throughout the years,  we’ve developed strong, long-term relationships with educational institutions in Germany, including the First European Occupational Therapist School, the German Red Cross, and the Dopfer Schulen. We work closely with these organizations to ensure our candidates are well suited and well prepared to spend a year abroad in the USA or Australia.

Today, Apex Social is an international organization providing young professionals the opportunity to gain valuable international work experience caring for children in the USA or Australia. We hope you consider joining the Apex Social family!

Susan Asaysig_susan
Susan Asay,
Host Mom, CEO & Founder
Apex Social

P.S. I encourage you to watch some of our videos and hear directly from candidates just like you about their exciting experiences abroad.