Join our Dream Team!

Because Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Why Join Our Team?

You Love Work with a Purpose

You thrive when your work really matters and you love seeing that you are making a difference in other people’s lives.
Knowing that you are working with care professionals and linking them to families where they can help children to grow and succeed is heartwarming. It never gets old.

You Love Working with People

You have a passion for working with social care professionals helping them
to find their passions and achieve their goals.

You Want to Help Families with Special Needs

The Apex Social program serves the special needs communities in the United States and Australia.
You enjoy building relationships with care professionals and helping them to enhance the lives of host children
with and without special needs.

You are Seeking Work-Life Balance

You think that being able to work from home and working for an organization “that gets special needs,” is incredible.

You want to be Part of a “Dream Team”

Join supportive colleagues spanning three continents who seek new ways of continued learning.
Work on a team centered around respect, support and collaboration. Be a part of the 'cultural bridge' connecting our Apex Social care community to the amazing cultures of the U.S.A. & Australia!

You Seek a Career with Growth Potential

With a growing organization like Apex PROaupair, there is a high potential for growth and career development.