Reiseempfehlungen von unseren Care Professionals Teil 2 – 2024

Physiotherapeutin - Josephine L.

Travel recommendations are: NYC; San Diego, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Destin, Florida. (If you need recommendations for cute tattoo studios in those areas, let me know 🤌🏽😂)

Ergotherapeutin - Johanna R.

I haven’t traveled a lot so far but the highlight of my trip to Boston was not primarily the city, it was the time that I spent with the two girls I went with there. We had tons of fun together, we played a game in which we had to guess songs that we hear wherever we go. I can definitely recommend that 🙂

Physiotherapeutin - Julia F.

I would totally recommend to do a National Park Roadtrip through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona including the Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon NP, Red Rocks NP, and many more! Rent a camper van and explore the life in the nature! Pro tip: you can sleep in any state park or Walmart parking lot for free, also a nice app to find places to sleep: IOverlander or park4night.

I found two super sweet Au pairs from Italy through the Instagram page Aupairtrip, we had such a fun time and they made this trip to one of my favorites for sure so definitely check this out if you need a travel buddy!

Ergotherapeutin - Alexandra N.

I recommend Miami Beach, Hawaii, and NYC during Christmas time!

Ergotherapeutin - Rika Marie B.

I would like to tell you something about my trip to New York. So if you are lucky enough to live only 4 hours away by car from New York, you can just spontaneously say that you are going there for the weekend. I was in New York with a friend from Boston and had a very nice time. We were in the musical „Wicked“. We visited the museum of Movie „Night at the Museum“. Also, we were in Central Park and saw the Liberty Statue from a distance. It was just a mega beautiful time. I want to go definitely again.

Ergotherapeutin - Rebecca D.

We got a bus ticket to visit Richmond and woke up 5 minutes before we had to go to the station. We then got ready very quickly and a girl’s visit that we met at a concert the day before. We didn’t have much expectation of Richmond, but it was one of the most beautiful trips and we saw so many cool Halloween decorations. The botanical garden was one of my highlights.

Heilerziehungspflegerin - Nathalie D.

That every evening we have the tradition of watching the sunset together with the family on the beach.

Ergotherapeut - Jan H.

I have been on many different hikes.

Ergotherapeutin - Emely R.

New Mexico is very underrated in my opinion. I loved the City „Santa Fe“ which is by the way the second oldest city in the USA. It was so colorful and beautiful! I probably ate the best Pizza in my life and super yummyyy chocolate truffles. Just an hour away is Los Alamos where Oppenheimer lived. The museums are very Interesting. Albuquerque is interesting if you like „Breaking Bad“. You can do a Film tour. Monument Valley is beautiful and it is interesting to learn about the Indianer who live there. Canyonlands is beautiful for hikes as well as the Arches-National Park.

Erzieher - Justin R.

Grab your favorite people and just go out the door. Whether near or far, adventures can be found everywhere.

Ergotherapeutin - Celine F.

I LOVED going to Lake Tahoe. It was a long drive on our road trip but so worth it!

Other favorite spots were: Horseshoe Bend, Arches NP, Great Canyon, Great Sand Dunes NP, New York City at sunset, Red Rock Theater, and of course Big Island Hawaii! I have to say that I enjoyed the national parks & nature more because some of the cities can be really dirty. My favorite NP have to be Zion & Arches 🙂

Ergotherapeut - Selina R.

I went to Long Island to visit one of my best friends. It was great seeing her again. We spend a lot of time in New York. She planned a lot of things, like a Taylor Swift brunch. I had a great time and I’m very grateful for her and the time with her.

Sozialarbeiter - Leon S.

So far I’ve been in Las Vegas and saw some cool places here in Colorado. Las Vegas was great! This city is really amazing. I had a great time there and I realized a dream there.

You also should visit sports events like the NFL and the NBA! It is nice to see how the Americans create a show around these sports events. Totally different from European sports events! The places I saw so far here in Colorado were fantastic. I am looking forward to my other destinations! I have a lot of plans (especially for my travel months).

Ergotherapeutin - Syreen G.

If you‘re a foodie, NYC will be your paradise and you will be broke.

Erzieherin - Nathalie M.

I had the best time traveling with my friends to Sedona. It was so incredible to see all the amazing nature and different canyons there. I can recommend to everyone to go there at least once in your life!

Heilerziehungspflegerin - Franziska W.

If possible stay at a hostel. It’s cheap and you will make friends in minutes.

Ergotherapeutin - Veronica L.

Visiting New York City is a thrilling experience due to its vibrant energy, iconic landmarks, diverse culture, and endless entertainment options.

Ergotherapeutin - Sonja K.

Traveling to New York really is worth it. Especially when you are living in a location where you have a lot of nature around you, it is a huge contrast to travel to such a big city and see all the things that you´ve only seen in movies yet. But if you want to see great nature I can definitely recommend making a road trip through the national parks of Utah and Arizona, where sometimes you drive 200km straight without seeing any other cars.

Sozialarbeiterin - Dina K.

Go to a House of Yes performance show in New York. It’s a creative collective in Brooklyn. Spectacular queer-friendly magic.

Physiotherapeutin - Lena K.

My passport board was stolen on my first weekend trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I found out about it at the airport just before going through security. At first, I couldn’t believe it. Fortunately, the officials there saw what a mess I was in and I wasn’t the only one. So we found a way for me to get through security and I got my plane. I learned that weekend that it’s important to get back to my host family and that there is a way to get through security without a pass. Getting a new passboard was no big deal =)

Erzieher - Tim H.

1️⃣ New York: A Great Place to stay, never boring and it is a has to be. To be once in that skyscraper 🏙️ city makes you feel overwhelmed.
TIPP: Take 3-4 Days with the New York Pass f.e.. To see the Statue of Liberty, take the Staten Island Ferry for free and combine this trip with a nice lunch at Staten Island

2️⃣ Boston: I called it little New York. You can see most of the city at one day. You have pretty historic buildings and especially I recommend The North End – If you know the Game Assassins III: There a many Buildings you can Visit, f.e. The Old North Church

3️⃣ Niagara Falls: Just to see the amount of water falling down each second, combined with this loud noise of power you literally can feel the water falling down.

TIPP: Combine this trip probably with a nice time in Toronto or Ottawa. It’s a beautiful city.

Ergotherapeutin - Darleen H.

– If you’re a Vampire Diaries fan you have to go to Covington (filming location- you will feel like a character in the series)

– Go to Miami and rent a Cabriolet to drive to Key West! It become definitely a core memory! If you’re there go to Sandy’s Cafe to eat something (recommended by a local)

– And OMG travel to San Juan on Puerto Rico! The best trip so far! If you want to eat a very good breakfast or brunch go to Tostado, I was there every day. Take a salsa class at the beach while sunset and go snorkeling with sea turtles. Go alone and meet new people, I did it and got a new friend from Alabama.

Reiseempfehlungen von unseren Care Professionals Teil 2 – 2024