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Awesome German Educator Wanted to Join Our Sunny California Home and Family

“We are looking for a loving, German speaking teacher to help us educate our children in a thoughtful and meaningful way”

Von Gastautor Angel´s family − 19. Februar 2018 remove_red_eye 2.753 Views

Angel’s family in Silicon Valley (30 miles south of San Francisco) is seeking a German Educator to join their family in the summer of 2018.

Read below to learn more about this open position:

Dear Professional Au Pair,

We're a plugged-in, fast-moving, intellectually curious, and adventurous, "entrepreneurial" family living in Silicon Valley (30 miles south of San Francisco). We believe the decision to bring on someone to work with our children is one of the most important decisions we could ever make because they touch the lives of our children. Therefore, we're looking for a loving, German speaking teacher to help us educate our children in a thoughtful and meaningful way.


We're not looking for an employee, but rather an extension to our ever-growing family. While we respect privacy and boundaries, we ultimately want someone to become a part of our family. We currently employ a full-time, American nanny who works 11-7pm, your hours would overlap with hers. We usually have a minimum of 2 caregivers for all 3 kids, but sometimes there are times when someone has all 3 for a short amount of time (1hr). We realize 2 kids and a newborn can be overwhelming for anyone and we have everyone's best interest in mind. We don't want to overburden anyone with all the responsibilities at once and all caregivers and parents will share and divide up the responsibilities in an effort to keep the stress levels down so we can focus on fun, fun, fun!

We are a bilingual family (English & German), and both boys are now learning Mandarin. We live in the epicenter of where great technology is invented (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, PayPal, Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Airbnb, Twitter, etc.). They were all created very close to our neighborhood. We have the wonderful Stanford University 15 minutes away and some of the best public schools (all levels), in the country.

We live in a town called Portola Valley, that is the hilly part of Silicon Valley. There are vast hiking trails, farms, horse & bike trails, beautiful mountains, LOTS of nature, and a quaint village to do all our immediate shopping or dining. We spend most of our time in Palo Alto (12 min drive) for schooling, shopping, etc. You will have access to our vehicle when we are not using it (we have 3 cars), and we usually only use one on the weekends. We are also in an area where bicyclists and bike lanes are EVERYWHERE, so if you'd prefer to bike once in a while that's also an option.

We are currently interviewing candidates for a May-late June start date. We understand that au pairs are coming to our country to learn about it, dive into the culture, and improve their language skills. This will NEVER be a problem. We are very much a family who loves America and dives into every holiday and tradition whole-heartedly. Christmas is our biggest celebration, followed by our traditional Thanksgiving feast and of course Halloween & the Fourth of July. While we'd prefer you speak your native German to our children, there are 3-4 other people in our house regularly who you would be required to speak LOTS of English to. This doesn't include all the interaction you'll have with other parents, teachers, and children. We host many playdates, and attend them as well so improving your English will never be secondary.

We also recognize that some of you want to learn more about your chosen profession in the U.S. Well you couldn't have a better opportunity than learning from the Stanford University community in a volunteer capacity. If you are an educator you will have the opportunity to volunteer at the prestigious Bing Preschool Research Facility. We are very much involved with this school and can help facilitate access.

Other opportunities at Stanford can be found at the Stanford Hospital or Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, and Veterans Hospital:

We are also a family who LOVES to travel. We just had another baby and are unsure what our international travel plans will be in the upcoming year (2018), so for now we will limit our travel to the U.S., mostly Napa Valley, where we tend to take many extended weekend getaways there. We always bring a caregiver with us.

We currently employee one full-time nanny (American), and one German au-pair. She has extended with us but sadly will be leaving in the summer of 2018. We are heartbroken about her imminent departure. Therefore, we'd ideally like someone to come on board while she is still here for a training period. We will also give preferential consideration to those wanting to stay more than 1 year.

Please take a moment to read the rest of our profile to get more details about the role and responsibilities. We look forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,
Angel, Cyriac, Nicolai, Jules, and Charlize


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