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Familie aus San Francisco sucht Ergotherapeuten oder HEPs mit Herz aus Gold!

Lerne, Reise und mache viele Erfahrungen mit dieser tollen Familie in Kalifornien!

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Diese 4-köpfige Familie in San Francisco, Kalifornien sucht männliche oder weibliche Kandidaten, die mit ihren zwei Jungs viele tolle und spaßige Erlebnisse erleben wollen! Vor allem brauchen sie Unterstützung bei ihrem ältesten Sohn Jax, der auf dem Autismus Spektrum ist.

Lest hier mehr was die Gastmutter Aura über ihre kleine Familie zu erzählen hat!



Seeking a Professional with a Heart of Gold in San Francisco

 We are a loving, joyful family living in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA. We have two wonderful boys that are the light of our lives. Jax is our oldest, he is 6. Jax is fun, happy, bright, resilient and also Autistic. He is non-speaking and requires more care and effort... but so very worth it! Baxter is our youngest, he is 4 1/2 yrs old. He is smart, very creative, a little sensitive, super fun. Both boys are great together. Our boys are a true delight and really amazing little souls.

We are looking for a professional au pair that really wants to open their heart to join our family. To love our boys. To become attached, give their heart and in return have amazing memories, cherished smiles and a lasting connection to our family. We have had 3 au pairs now and are still in touch with each one! We will laugh a lot together, we will get through challenges together. We want you to have an amazing experience and to fulfill your desires for your journey in the Unites States and with our Family. We hope that we find someone who is caring, energetic, fun, responsible.. someone we can depend on and we know has the best interests in their heart for both our boys. We need someone who is open hearted and willing to give the extra effort and care for Jax -- happily!

Life in San Francisco

San Francisco offers amazing opportunities for exploring, experiencing. City life, culture, arts, food, music, museums, nature, outdoors, social gatherings, easy access to the rest of California.. it's a gorgeous city! We also love our neighborhood which is a very safe, pretty, fun, family oriented and also 20-something oriented area. We are near the Presidio (pretty nature) and Crissy Field (beach). Just a walking distance away. Really a great location and a great city -- you can't go wrong.

Travel with the Family

We do try to travel several times a year as a family and do always take our professional au pair with us. Places we've gone with our caregiver: Cancun, Cabo, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe (we will go several times a year, summer and winter), Napa, San Diego.

The Daily Life on the Job – Using your Therapy & Special Needs Training

For Jax's special needs: he is not fully independent and needs extra care to eat, get dressed, toilet, etc. He also needs extra care to make sure he is safe. He needs sensory input (massage, music, etc) to help him stay regulated. We play with him in an engaging (and fun!) way. Jax recently started having self injuries behavior (hitting his head with his fist) when he is in pain, mostly his stomach(he has GI issues). Once the pain is resolved he's very happy. If he is hitting we block the hit, have him wear his hat, be very patient and understanding and offer sensory supports (ice, finger squeezes, vibration). Although he has these extra needs, he is sweet, happy and a complete joy. He participates with full inclusion at Kindergarten with an ABA aide. He has a private OT, private SLP and home ABA sessions with the professional au pair could attend.

Both boys go to school and extra activities. We need someone to help me and work alongside me (Aura) as I am a stay at home Mom. You will help drive the boys, prepare their things.. and most important play with them and have many fun, memorable moments. There are a few mornings to share driving the boys to school with me, and then every weekday afternoon and evening you would help to play with the boys, have dinner and play with Jax while I (or Jonny) puts Baxter to bed. After you would organized the boys things for the next day. One weekend day for half the day you would go out on an adventure with the boys with one of us.. hiking, Traintown, the zoo, etc.. it's a great fun bonding time. Without a doubt we expect someone to always do their best and give their all, but we also always make sure our au pairs are never exhausted and feel great. Communication is very important to us so we know we all feel good, respected and taken care of well.

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