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New York: Join our Family Care Team - Learn, Make Memories and Grow with Us!

New York: Loving Family Seeking Therapist or Teacher to join their happy, busy home!

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Are you interested in working in a multi-disciplinary role where you are always learning something new? Do you enjoy working with young children who are reaching important milestones such as talking and learning to read while also partnering with therapists to help a child with autism to achieve realistic goals? If you are seeking a role where you can join a family care team with excellent learning opportunities – this is the job for you! “We are looking for a Care Professional who is as enthusiastic and motivated as we are about helping all the children’s development,” says the family.

Erin's Host Family

Erin and Adam have a busy and fun household with their four sons ages 3, 7, 9 and 10! Adam works in NYC, just a 30-minute train ride from home. Erin partners with her professional au pair and the family’s care team of teachers and therapists during the week to manage the four boys and their different schedules and needs. She is seeking a true partner who is reliable and well-educated and who can effectively manage the different needs of each child.

Gain Special Needs Experience in the U.S.A. 

Erin skiing

“[Our oldest son] (age 9) has autism spectrum disorder which manifests itself primarily in his social, language, and play skills. He is NOT aggressive in any way. He has some stereotypic behaviors such as self-vocalizations and sensory seeking body movements. His tantrums are very mild and he is easily redirected from them. He can feed himself, dress himself, brush his own teeth, unpack his backpack, etc. He doesn't have any physical restrictions and is verbal, though his language is very basic.

We have therapists in our home every day, and we do EVERYTHING we can to make his recovery a part of our everyday life. We are very involved in his home and school therapy, and our Professional Au Pair would be very encouraged to do the same. His brothers, grandparents, and caregivers have always been invited to participate in his therapy, and we would encourage observations at school and in therapy sessions, home team monthly meetings and family training sessions.

Henry attends our local public school and is in a Special Ed class. He receives ABA, Speech Therapy, PT and OT. In addition, he receives ABA after school and on the weekends. He also participates in special needs sports classes and takes music lessons. He is VERY BUSY and VERY happy!”

This family loves to have fun, travel and enjoy life! 

Erin Disney

“We live in a friendly, family-oriented suburban community less than 20 miles from New York City.  Our home is a short walk or bike ride to shopping, restaurants, and a train which travels to Manhattan in less than 30 minutes, and only a few miles from numerous colleges and universities.  In the winter we enjoy skiing in Vermont and taking the kids around New York City, and our summers are spent at our nearby pool, tennis and golf club, on the boat, and on the beaches of Long Island's East End.”

Apply Now and spend the next year working near New York City and

making memories of a lifetime!

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