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Michigan Family of 5 seeks Occupational or Speech Therapist with a big heart for helping children!

HELFEN – Help a Child and Change a Life!

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HELFEN – Help a Child and Change a Life!

“We had a Professional Au Pair who was an Occupational Therapist this year. She has truly changed our life and has made so much progress with Parker (and the other two, too). Every day she worked on a brushing protocol, implemented a sensory "diet" helping Parker get the sensory input he needs. She worked on improving his spoon feeding and overall hand strength. For example, when she came Parker could not lift his own juice box and drink from it and now he can! An amazing accomplishment! She also worked on helping us with equipment decisions, observed at school and attended almost all his therapy (he has, for example, three OT sessions a week). There is so much to learn from Parker.” 

“Parker is severely disabled. He can't walk (he can use a walker with assistance), talk (but he does have a speaking device) or eat (he does not eat full time - but for fun - he is mostly tube fed). He also has a medical port for IV hydration. He has been in the hospital many times and is functioning at a 1 -2 year old level. I know this paints a sad picture - but I assure you –  

Parker is the brightest spirit you'll ever meet. He is loving, sweet and funny. He is a beautiful soul. But he is medically fragile. The closest thing we have to a diagnosis is: mitochondrial disease.

WEITERBILDEN – Occupational or Speech Therapists – this job is for you!

Host mom, Nikki, shared that she is seeking an Occupational or Speech Therapist who is really coming to the US for professional development because the learning opportunities for an OT or ST in her home are outstanding!

Parker’s in-home therapy is done twice a week by a world-renowned Occupational Therapist who is a true “sensory expert”. Australian families pay for her to come and work with their children for 4 weeks every year because of her skills & expertise! The family’s professional au pair will work side-by-side with her all year.

Parker also uses an augmentative communication device and his caregiver will work with the best augmentative communication therapist in the country! The door is always open to accompany Parker to school to observe his school accommodations and in-school therapy. Join Parker’s therapy team and learn from experts!

REISEN – Visit Troy, Michigan!

Troy has been called “one of the most dynamic and livable cities in Michigan, and the country.” It has excellent schools and is a beautiful community. Troy is also home to world-class shopping with the beautiful Somerset Collection shopping area. You will not run out of things to do in the area! Nearby Detroit is situated on the beautiful Detroit River and in between two large lakes. Outdoor adventures abound as well as fun and exciting nightlife in the city.

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