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Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Loving family seeking Therapist or Teacher with Autism experience

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Come to beautiful Louisiana and join a family with 3 children seeking a Therapist or Special Needs Teacher to join their family for a once in a lifetime experience. Ashley (16), Alaina (14) and Logan (14) have a special relationship with their previous German care professionals and look forward to a new social care professional joining the family in July.

Autism experience and further education in beautiful Louisiana

Come and join Logan’s autism therapy team and help him achieve his developmental goals! The main task of the Occupational, Speech or Physical Therapist who joins this family is to provide 1:1 care for Logan. The ideal candidate for this family is one who is truly interested in therapies for children with autism and is eager to learn from US therapists. Logan receives Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy every week at school and the professional au pair is invited to attend. Logan needs help with daily living tasks and to maintain structure for him in his daily life.

This family is seeking a mature, independent person to live in a separate apartment with private access, including a private kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: a College Town with Amazing Culture and Great Food!

Jennifer, Logan’s mom, describes their hometown:

“Baton Rouge is a wonderful community with lots of charm and character. Because it is a college town, LSU football is huge! Going to the games is an exciting and fun part of life for most people with lots of tailgating:) Louisiana is a friendly state with amazing culture and food! People that live here are some of the friendliest and happiest people. Hospitality toward others is a way of life you will not find in many other places.”

“There will be many opportunities to travel for our au pair. My husband loves to travel and takes the kids on trips all around the world. Our current au pair has gone to Hawaii, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, New York City and Alabama.”


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