Legacy Award Winner 2018: Julia Bueter

Congratulations to Julia Bueter (23) Social Worker from Germany!

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Congratulations to Julia Bueter, winner of our “Au Pair of the Year Legacy Award”.

We are so proud of Julia and her dedication to her host family and her host child. Julia earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work from the Catholic University of Applied Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia (Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen).


Julia and Lydia sitting on a bench

Julia and Lydia

Read here what her host family send in for her nomination:

"This is a nomination letter that is very difficult to write, but it is very much worth the effort to ensure that the most loving and caring au pair in the world gets the recognition she deserves. Julia Bueter is our Legacy Award Winner for 2018.

"Julia started with us in 2016 and quickly became Lydia’s best friend. Julia also mastered the demanding tasks and handled the challenging procedures of providing for a child with special needs and medical conditions. The happiness and joy that they shared when Lydia was feeling well was incredible, and the comfort she provided when Lydia was unwell was a godsend.

In the Spring of 2017 our daughter's health started to worsen and her pain increased.  Julia did not flinch or back away, but rather further committed herself to providing the most love and care that was possible.  She came to doctors’ appointments, sat by her bedside and held her hand, and sang and danced for her to bring a smile to her face.

Despite the increasing challenges, Julia volunteered to extend an extra year so she could continue to be Lydia’ best friend.  She stayed committed even as Lydia’s health continued to deteriorate and more time was spent in hospitals and there were fewer and fewer opportunities to evoke a smile.  She never gave up and she never stopped trying to make Lydia’s life full of happiness.  If there was a smile to be had, Julia would find a way to bring it out.

And they truly were happy together throughout this year.  Outings to Lydia’s favorite places like ice skating, the Botanical Gardens, the swimming pool (lots and lots of trips to the go swimming!), or walks outside pushing her wheelchair for hours on end filled the good days.  Never an opportunity was missed to be joyful.

Julia not only looked after Lydia, but she cared for us, Lydia’s parents.  She enabled us to keep going on with the necessities of daily life by providing us the security that Lydia was in good hands and being loved, even through the worst days.  As times got harder and Lydia was not able to go to school any longer, she only ever volunteered to take on even more time and responsibility to help us out and to be there for the fried she loves.

There is no greater gift to give a parent than the friendship and love given to their child.

Despite all of our love, Lydia’s health has continued to worsen and she has been hospitalized for multiple months.  We talked honestly with Julia about how she had already far surpassed all requirements for this program and her commitment to us, and that she needed to do what was right for her, for her life and her career path as we entered this next phase.  Her answer was straightforward, and Julia is still sitting at Lydia’s bedside in the hospital, her hand gently resting on her shoulder in comfort as she sleeps, as I write this note from across the room.

There is no question that Julia is the Au Pair of the Year.  But more importantly, she is and always will be Lydia’s best friend."

We are truly touched by Julia's efforts and her compassion towards her host child and best friend Lydia! We are very proud to give out this years PROaupair Legacy award to Julia, as we think she deserves the recognition for all the work she has done for her host family!



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