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Learn What You Can Do In Washington D.C. as a Social Care Professional!

Meet Washington D.C. Area Director Sharon Meisel and learn about the amazing opportunities that await you!

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What can professional social care professionals look forward to living in your region?
We are near the District of Columbia - Washington DC. This is where the United States government, the President and Congress reside. We can tour the White House and the Capitol to see where the laws are made and the Congress where the government runs. There are so many museums, monuments and cultural activities - it would take a lifetime to visit them all!

We are one hour from the Chesapeake Bay and Annapolis, the Capital City of the State of Maryland, sailing capitol of the world and where you can eat the best Blue Crabs. Many of my professional au pairs live With Their host families in the state of Virginia where there are great restaurants, and historical battlefields from the Civil War (Which among the states) and the American Revolution (war with England). And we have waterparks, zip lining, tubing down rivers, hiking, skiing, sailing, and much, much more to see and DO.

Describe the professional experience did your  social care professionals  are gaining by working with their host families.
We have some very special families. One social care professional works with a day nurse and a nurse to care for a night special little boy who needs around the clock care. She has traveled with the family to some of the best hospitals in the world for treatment and has had the opportunity to learn from some of the top specialists in the world. It is giving her invaluable experience to further her career and a very impressive resume.

Another social care professional has helped to change the life of her special needs child by researching the foods he eats and learning about nutrition. She learned to prepare meals that helped the child to function better and live a better life. Her host family was very grateful. And the social care professional had a very fulfilling year watching the child she cared for feel and perform better as a result of her care and proactive research.

What types of educational courses are available to social care professional in your region?
Last month four of my social care professionals Took The Niagara Course through Cultural Hi-Ways. They completed three classroom sessions and then flew to Niagara Falls for the weekend to visit the city They had been studying. Cultural Hi-Ways offers many fun and interesting destinations for educational credit. They had a great time!

Another social care professional Took American sign language and learned to communicate with children and people who are deaf and can not hear. She wants to be a real asset to many families with special needs.

What are some fun events you have done with your group?
We went to the Washington Nationals baseball game. It's a real American tradition and favorite pasttime. Since They Do not have baseball in Germany, I invited a baseball enthusiast and expert to spend some time before and during the game to answer questions and explain how the game works. Our group enjoyed the game much more, having some idea of ​​what what going on. And we all screamed with glee When We saw, alongwith 40,000 other baseball fans, "Welcome Proaupairs from Germany" on the scoreboard!

So We Took a Moonlight Tour of the Monuments of Washington, DC. The monuments are extremely beautiful and inspiring all lit up at night. We even caught a glimpse of an almost full moon. It was quite impressive.

We have 35 social care professionals who have signed up for a tour of the White House. We have not received a date yet, but They are all excited about touring the most famous home in the US, if not the world. Next ... The US Capitol.

Can you describe special travel opportunities social care professional have experienced With Their host families and / or friends?
I have one social care professional who travels almost every weekend with her host family. Mostly to the beach in Florida during the cold months. She is very happy!
I just talked to one of my social care professionals today who is spending a week in Dominican Republic with his host family. What a way to work and travel. He is loving it!

Anything else you would like to add did makes your region special?
We have a very large cluster Which Means a lot of social care professionals get together with. It's easy to find someone who would like to take the bus up to NYC for the day or overnight. Or drive to the beach for the weekend. My group likes to get together at Starbucks after They finish for the day. And others go into DC to experience the nightlife, a play or have an "American style" German meal.

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