Funny Stories from the U.S. – Part III

Jana Guenter – Pittsburgh, PA

Once, I got pulled over by the police, and the police officer asked me for my documents. After I handed them to him, he told me, „I’ll be right behind you.“ I just said, „Ok!“ And as he went back to his car, I started to drive because I thought he was going to follow me home, „right behind me.“ After almost 10 minutes, I had to stop at a red traffic light. I saw him getting out of his car and walking straight to me. When I rolled down my window, he asked me, „Why are you driving away from me?“

I was so embarrassed and told him that I understood he would follow me home. He said that this was a miscommunication, and I should pull over at the next parking lot. The end of the story: me standing at a small parking lot in front of a Greek grill, waiting for the three police officers with their cars discussing my case. I got three tickets, and the police officer said he could have arrested me for fleeing from the police. But luckily, I got home. Now I know what „I’ll be right behind you“ means… 🙂 For the whole story and more details, just ask me.

Jana Schildan – Arlington, VA

Ordering a coffee:

The employee asked, „Which size?“
What I understood the whole time: „With ice?“

We talked completely past each other for a minute, and in the end, we both laughed.

Leonie Schaffrinna – Newton, MA

When two other Care Professionals and I went to Newport, RI, we went out for dinner, and one of the Care Professionals ordered something German on the menu. The waiter complimented her on how perfectly she pronounced it, and she responded, „Well yeah, we are Germans!“ 🙂

It turns out that the waiter was learning German for his university, and he continued to serve us in German.

We hope that these stories have brought a smile to your face. Stay tuned for Part 4, where we will share even more funny stories from our Care Professionals‘ experiences while in the United States. 

Thank you for reading!

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Funny Stories from the U.S. – Part III