Apex Social “Care Professional of the Year” Award Gewinner 2020

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Care Professionals die von unseren Gastfamilien zu ihrem ganz persönlichen Care Professional of the Year gekürt wurden! Mit Freude haben wir die zahlreichen Berichte, die eure Gastfamilien uns geschickt haben, gelesen und hier sind unsere Gewinner aus den USA und Australien:

American Care Professionals of the Year: 

1. Luisa S. – ist Kinderkrankenschwester, aktuell mit uns in San Francisco und betreut drei Kinder. Ihre Gastfamilie ist dankbar für ihre großartige Unterstützung. In ihren Worten: 

“When we read Luisa’s profile, we immediately knew she would be a great fit for our growing family. At the time, we had a 9-year old special needs daughter, a 3-year old son and a baby due in April. Finding a caregiver with the ‘trifecta’ of skills…special needs, toddler and infant experience is not easy. Luisa had experience with all these areas. 

Luisa epitomizes the meaning of a professional au pair. She is a trained pediatric NICU nurse who has been working in a hospital for three years prior to moving to Northern California for her au pair year. With her experience in medicine, patience and nurturing personality, she has been an amazing asset for our entire family.”

2. Christina S. – ist Physiotherapeutin, aktuell mit uns in Phoenix und betreut zwei Kinder. Sie steht ihrer Gastfamilie immer bei und hilft wo sie kann. In den Worten der Familie:

“Christina joined our family on January 5, 2019. Two days later our daughter Roslyn was hospitalized with a respiratory infection. Christina stepped right in to take care of our son, while we took turns spending time with our daughter in the hospital.

The sense of relief she provided was immediate. It was quite the introduction to our family and Christina handled it with unflinching grace and generosity. We knew in those moments that she was the perfect fit for our family.”

3. Luisa F. – ist Ergotherapeutin, aktuell mit uns in Falls Church und betreut ein Kind. Sie konnte mit ihrem Gastkind schon viele Erfolge erzielen und ihre Gastfamilie ist sehr stolz auf sie. In den Worten der Gastfamilie: 

“Our little Elanor is sharp and intelligent, but her body just isn’t under her control the way she wants it to be.

It has only been six months, but Elanor has learned to feed herself, how to sit independently in positions where she can play, and to better crawl around the house to get her favorite toys and books.

Luisa came to us as an occupational therapist but has spent her nights and weekends studying physical therapy to do even more for our daughter.”

Australian Care Professionals of the Year: 

1. Marie – ist Ergotherapeutin, aktuell mit uns in Sydney und betreut zwei Kinder. Sie unterstützt die Familie wo sie kann und konnte somit schon einige Verbesserungen in der Entwicklung der Kinder erzielen. In den Worten der Gastfamilie: 

“Marie helps us with all elements in our lives with the children. She manages the challenging mornings, getting the children up, dressed, fed and ready for school. While waiting for the time to go to school, she will practice multiplication tables with them – although maths is not their strong point, we can see the improvement from this regular practice.”

“Our children have many therapy appointments, and without Marie, it would not be possible for them to do all of these much-needed supports.”

2. Sarah – ist aktuell mit uns in Bargara (Queensland) und betreut zwei Kinder. Ihre Gastfamilie weiß ihre liebe Hilfe sehr wertzuschätzen. In den Worten der Familie:

“Sarah has been in our family since March 2019. Having her care for our son William and our daughter Eva has really made a difference to our situation and during this time she has become a very valued part of our family for various reasons. The usual ones exist, she is reliable, caring, mature and when it comes to William, she is compassionate as well.”

“…with the support of my sister nearby Sarah forfeited her holiday to Victoria so that our family could share in something that was very special to us and would not be able to be witnessed again.”

Als besonderes Dankeschön..

schicken wir allen Care Professionals, die von ihren Gastfamilien nominiert wurden und denjenigen, die sich die Mühe gemacht haben ihre eigene Gastfamilie für den Titel “Host Family of the Year” zu bewerben eine besondere Überraschung! Wir sind stolz, mit wie viel Liebe und Verantwortung ihr täglich eure Gastfamilien unterstützt. Ihr seid unsere Superhelden! 

Unsere Siegerin Luisa S. aus den USA ist zudem noch im Rennen um den internationalen Award der IAPA (International Au Pair Association) und einer Reise zur Award-Verleihung im März nach Malta. Wir drücken dir weiterhin die Daumen!

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