The tax information contained on this website is not meant to be exhaustive and is not meant to be tax advice. We are providing introductory information for U.S. income tax requirements of au pairs working in the US on J-1 visas. If you have any questions about your tax obligation you should speak with a professional tax advisor or Certified Public Accountant. Please note that PROaupair, our staff, and Area Directors are not able to provide any additional guidance or tax advice.

Tax Information and Resources for Professional Au Pairs

It’s tax season and apex PROaupair would like to provide you with some introductory information about what you can expect. Below please find some frequently asked questions about tax returns.

When should I file a U.S. tax return?

U.S. tax returns can start being filed on January 29, 2018 and must be filed no later than Tuesday, April 17, 2018. According to the IRS, E-File is not an option for au pairs. Nonresident aliens must mail their return to the IRS.

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Want to file yourself?

APEX cannot provide tax filing advice. However, the IRS website explains the process and required forms.  However, APEX recommends seeking the advice of a tax specialist or using one of the many online tax tools, such as Sprintax, to assist filing your return.

Do I need to include a W2 form with my tax filing?

No, according to the IRS (Website) au pairs are non-resident aliens and are not entitled to the Itemized Deduction benefit on the 1040NR-EZ.

What if I owe taxes?

In the event you determine that you owe taxes, you must make payment for the total amount due. The IRS website and the many online tax websites will provide you information on how to send the payment.

What if I filled out my form and I owe nothing?

If you do not owe a tax bill, you may not need file a return. Not every au pair will owe a tax. It will depend on when you arrived to the U.S. (and the total amount of stipend earned for the year).

Did I give up my permanent residence as an immigrant to be in the United States as an au pair as asked on line F?

No you did not.

When answering line G do I have to list dates I returned home on vacation?

No, this does not apply to au pairs.

What should I indicate for line I?

If this is your first year as an au pair you will mark "NO". If you are an extension au pair and you filed a tax return last year, you will mark the year of that return and the form filed (1040NR-EZ).

Am I eligible for any Tax Treaty benefit as referenced on line J?

No. Since au pairs are not considered full-time “students” by the IRS they are not eligible for any Tax Treaty benefit their home country may have with the United States. You may skip this question by indicating "not applicable".


Additional Links and Resources from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS):